Multiglot 7—¡Hola! Learn Spanish for free!


¡Hola! I’m pleased to present the seventh version of Multiglot—a free languages web app for learning words in Czech, English, French, German—and now Spanish! Spanish is a Romance language within the Indo-European family, and has over 486 million native speakers. It’s an official language in 20 countries, as well as of the United Nations. With this release, Castilian Spanish comes to Multiglot: 1175 flashcards are now available online for free!

Multiglot now has 4899 images used across all languages. These are combined to create lots of flashcards in each language. The flashcards are shown to you gradually, depending on how far you’ve progressed with the course. If you’re finding things easy and need to skip ahead, Multiglot will add more flashcards to your learning pile. If you need to slow down a bit, Multiglot will stop adding new flashcards and let you consolidate what you’ve been learning. All of that automatically!

The languages and numbers of flashcards offered as of this release are:

ISO 639-1 Code Language Flashcards
cs Czech 662
de German 1113
en English 1161
es Spanish 1175
fr French 1166