Multiglot 5—Lessons in Czech, English, and French

25 Apr 2023

Greetings! I’m pleased to present the fifth version of Multiglot—a free languages web app for learning words in Czech, English, and French. This release introduces a completely new lessons system! Now, it’s much easier to progress at your own speed, as it’s no longer necessary to wait until the next day to get the next lesson. Instead, new words will be fed to you at a slower pace with more repetitions, giving you more time to learn them properly before moving on. A new chart shows how many lessons you’ve completed this week compared to last week, to help you develop a daily learning habit. Additionally, lots of fixes have been made so Multiglot looks better on both larger and smaller screens. You can complete a quick lesson wherever you are—at your desk, on the tram, or queuing at the supermarket!

This release also expands the media and language dictionaries:

  • Images: 4829 total—that’s 234 more!

  • Czech: 368 total words

  • English: 645 total words

  • French: 573 total words—that’s a 3x increase!